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Miss Thrifty


It’s been a minute.

How have you been?

I’ve been away from here because I was planning a timetable so it would fit into my schedule

And I am happy to say I think I have it figured out.

I would be posting every Sunday for now and further changes would be communicated.

Well let’s get to the business of the day shall we?

This post was originally supposed to be dedicated to reviewing a skincare brand but I just changed my mind at the last minute. I was too jumpy and excited to talk about this. The skincare review would come later.

I love beautiful things especially clothes but money this adult life comes with a lot if expectations. I’m expected to have some sense of responsibility, so I can’t be over shooting my budget like I was before this begs the question but how do I get these really nice clothes on my meager allowance?

My friend said just close your eyes and buy what you have to buy but I couldn’t “just close my eyes” and purchase all the lovely things I want because I will be in debt.

God changed my story when one day as I was just scrolling through my Instagram page and I came across a thrift store. I’ve seen quite a few thrift stores and the clothes they had didn’t really leave me wowed but the Dora the explorer in me pushed me to open this one and I’m pleased to announce this is one of the best things I’ve done this year.

Before now, anytime I hear thrift stores I think clothes that no one likes but the seller has to sell, so he/she reduces the prices and most thrift stores online have not done so much to change this stereotype. They had clothes that screamed “ LOOK I’M A THRIFTY OKRIKA YOU CAN CALL ME BENDDOWN SELECT FOR SHORT AND NOBODY WANTS ME ANYMORE SO SHE’S PUTTING ME UP FOR SALE PLEASE MANAGE ME LIKE THAT” most of these clothes were rumpled and looked too unattractive. If it’s not clean ironed and presented well I will just quietly close the page and move along. And those that had really nice clothes did not deserve to be called thrift shops because they did not encourage frugality in any way. A thrift shop with a camisole of more than 4,000 naira. I mean come on.

But all that changed.

So I opened the page and the first thing that caught my attention was how attractive the page looked before I even clicked on any of the pictures what I saw was a beautiful array of photos carefully taken on a white background that was looking like the overseas lool..

An explanation cannot suffice, here’s a picture.


The page was so attractive that I was even scared to click on any picture as I thought it was one of those “Thrift stores” with 5 million dollars camisoles.

But I did anyway and I was wowed.

The prices were so reasonable I kept staring lustfully at those clothes they were well arranged on a wonderful background the background just kept giving me life especially with those magazines and perfumes by the side of the clothes. The aesthetic sense and creativity is top-notch. I think the owner of this thrift store has background knowledge of photography because the pictures were well taken.

All this made me slide into her D.M. Good customer service is something I cherish, and she gave me all the attention took my order carefully, a skirt and a trouser. She was polite and was even so patient because the online transfer didn’t work for over 12 hours. She also took an extra order of a black top that I made she notified me when the order arrived then I picked the one I liked.

In my heart there was a melody. I had found the one that I would shop with for a long time.

Even after the purchase, she still made sure she tracked my order, called me and reassured me (she so polite and sounds like a fine girl). The delivery was timely too.

And when the clothes came oh Lord. I fell in love perfect fit, wonderful quality, well packaged.

I am in love with her page.

What would I rate her 9/10 and that’s just because I wish I could buy everything but some are not my size and it seems some people pre-order so before I say I want this It’s already sold out.

All in all it was a wonderful experience. These are some 2 of the 3 items I got.

So do I think you should shop with her? Totally but don’t let me catch you buying the cloth I like.

P.S. This store only sells ladies clothes. Guys I’m sorry. I’d find yours soon.

I’m sure some people are already wondering why I haven’t mentioned the handle yet, now you know I’m not one of those selfish ones.

The Instagram handle for this lovely store that has converted me to a thriftier @thriftwithmee_