Hello everyone. It has been a minute. My friend calls me today and.
READ THE CONVERSATION BELOW(slightly paraphrased)
“Funke, when was the last time you posted on your blog.”
I checked.
“It has been like a month,” I answered.
Get content and post it right now. She retorted
I was confused and I tried to give very many excuses like, I want to make sure I’m posting a quality article, I was working on something but she wasn’t having all of that so she says
“There is no right time post something now, I mean right away.”
I got confused and asked almost to cut her off I said
“Wait are you if policing me?”
Call it whatever she says as long as you post something TODAY (emphasis on today).
So here I am.
Like I said to her I really don’t have anything to post but since she called me up, I am going to talk about people like my wonderful friend.
The distractions of this world can make you loose focus hence the need for a person like this around your life.


A strong-willed man or woman.
Apart from being a goal getter, a strongwilled person is someone who will tell you as it is and damn all the consequences. Many times this friend calls people out and points out the faults. She is so blunt.
I won’t deny that a lot of times I slack because I really just want to be laid back and just relax but a strong-willed person goes all out to achieve his/her goal. She sees the potentials in you and will push you to the extreme to make sure you maximize it(I am a living witness.). Their mind is constantly thinking of new ways or new ideas (my mind does this too.) but the difference is that I think of it, probably pen down the idea but it stops there. I am always afraid to go out and implement those ideas. And you see this dedication and faithfulness to her work and business extends to friendship. She is extremely loyal.
She is a mini role model. And I want to be like her.
So for the 1 millionth time but the first time publicly, I deny procrastination and I am embracing hard work and dedication to every course.
Have a nice day.


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