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The Nigerian music industry is an expeditiously growing one.

Some days ago I was involved in a conversation with someone who was of the strong opinion that Nigerian music can very well stand the international music industry.

With the variety of songs coming out of this industry. I cannot argue.

I’ve initially spoken about the Nigerian music industry and it perks but this is basically going to focus on my top 5 Male/Female artist collaborations so far this year.

5. I dey – Teni and Boomboxx

What really captivated me about this video was the NYSC opening scene. If you went to camp and you’re a girl you are most likely going to have a bit of nostalgia watching this.

Because it sure brought back a lot of memories. (5)

The video vixen is so beautiful. Boomboxx did a great job

And yes Teni’s shades were very very awesome. She delivered on the singing “As usual”.

The end was good. But If I had the option to direct the video it would probably not end like that.

The gateman cracked me up too.

Download link


4. 2 Baba Ft. Waje – Frenemies

This song truly made a lot of sense especially the chorus

But again what do you expect when two musical giants/Ex judges of TheVoice Nigeria decide to make a song.

The chorus

“Oh Lord Save Me From Frenemies

Make Nothing Come Dey Join Our Destiny

Make Nothing Make Me Deal With Their Fallacies

For My House Oh Or Even If Na Overseas

Oh Lord, Give Me Bazooka

Make I Bomb Them Scatter Them From Area

The Fire Wey Go Follow Them, Na Holy Ghost Fire

My Brother, No Be Small Matter”

Has to be my favorite part.

The video was different. (4)

Video quality did not have the “Wow! Great!!”  effect on me but it is very ok. I still enjoyed it.

The link to the video is right here

3. No one else (Remix) – Idahams & Teni

I  can totally relate to this video because my friends are as annoying as Idahams friends. Always picking on me arghhh…

The shoot on the bus was great too (1)

All around it’s a beautiful video

Watch and download here

2. One more Night – Mr. P and Niniola


So I heard the song before seeing the video.  I absolutely loved it and anticipated the video.

I thought to myself. A blend of MR P that can dance and Niniola that can dance too would be perfect… And yes they delivered. 


The beginning had me rolling. So I had initially seen the video of Don Flex and Mr P doing the dance off on Instagram and it seemed like they had taken off their shorts but alas they still had it on. It was just so nice that they incorporated this into the music video. From the second scene where the lady took off her undies and tossed it to Mr p on his right-hand side. He passed it onto the guy at the back who sniffed and I’m not sure why he passed out but he did.  It really had me howling. (6)

The video had some oldies new age blend I could not really tell if it was an 80’s setting or 90’s maybe because of how good the cinematography was.

MR P did his thing with the dancers (7)

However, I’d have loved to see Niniola dance more.

The last scenes where she did dance alongside MR P…..priceless. I’d have loved to see more but this was sufficient.

I’ve done enough talking watch the video yourself.


1. Jericho – Simi, and Patoranking

The blend of the sweet voice of Simi and Patoranking’s reggae Jamaican vibe makes this song a Jam.

I mean a mega JAM!

And I dare say that it is here to stay for a long while. The music video does more justice to the song. It is so Colorful and even though I am not a fan of so many colors I still found the video beautiful and the vibe from the video was just HAPPY! HAPPY!! HAPPY!!!. The kids doing the dance during the woyyo yo part was just all too cute. (2)

And what was even cutest was seeing Simi dance and roll her waist the way she did.

Simi’s voice om this song is beautiful as usual and I don’t think anyone would have done greater justice to that song as a featuring artist the way Patoranking did.

This is what you get when you put two uniquely different talents in a room.

A Whole mega jam.

And permit me to say my gbe body eh is at par with Simi’s own at the end. So thank you. That’s how stars do.

 Download the awesome video here.

Is there anyone I’m missing out? Probably one you think I should check out.

Drop the songs in the comment below


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