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It started as a normal year. I was just a shy Junior school girl trying to get by unnoticed but a call from my Principals office was about to change my life.

I started doing the maths in my head. “What have I done wrong? I’m just a quiet girl, I am not trying to get in any trouble. My heart was racing kikim kikim. I’m sure my blood pressure rose to 180/100, my chest started hurting. Pupils fully dilated.


Now if you know my principal, you would understand the reason for my reaction. She is the strictest, resting-bitch faced person I have met in my life, one of my lecturers in university came close but “naaah” no one can beat Sr Catherine. Her presence was a natural “behave well” alert.

My head was just spinning(turninoninown) as I walked to the secretary’s office.

tenor (6).gif

This seemed like the longest walk ever. I finally got to the secretary’s office (Thanks Mr Colliins, for nothing) he agitated me the more. He asked a question like “uhh girl what did you do? (Well, He didn’t sound like this Ok, but he did ask if I had done something because come on you don’t get called to the principal’s office unless you’ve committed a grave offence).

I couldn’t think of anything I had done. High school movies started running through my head.

I thought maybe someone had framed me. I imagined what expulsion or suspension would feel like. How would I explain this? What school was the next option?? No one had ever gotten expelled in my family. They say there is always a black sheep in every family, is this it? Am i the black sheep?? Okay it may not be that bad, maybe 2 weeks suspension.


My thought was interrupted by the call from the secretary. Sister is ready to see you now.

OMG ready to see me as in see me out of the school or what?


I got into the office and I met two other revered sisters and an English teacher in the room in the room. I’m like God but I didn’t burn down a convent or anything why is there a panel?

I greeted everyone in the room like a proper Yoruba girl I mean I almost knelt now and they were smiling I’m thinking “it’s all over for me today, sending me home with a smile?.”

Then the principal started off with sit down I think my face lost color at that instant. My mind started reasoning “Aunty, sister mummy wa please let me stand.” I was just still staring at her and she says again “Funke sit.” and who am I? I sat like an obedient dog.


Then she goes… Do you know why you are here? My mind started thinking again just murder me and send my mutilated body home how would I handle this?

“NO” I answered nervously, my hand dripping with sweat and my socks was soaked with sweat from my legs, I was terribly cold. The AC in her office was extremely cold.

Instead of talking, she handed me a letter and then I said “oh yeah this is it. Like in the onyibo movies they are chasing me from school. Maybe they told my parents over the phone and they are too ashamed to come to pick me up. Guess what funke . You’d be walking home”.

tenor (2)

I collected the letter and kept staring at the envelope. Then she says “I didn’t give you the envelope to stare at it open it”.

I’m like “Yes sister, I would open it.”

tenor (1)

Then I start to open and I was just saying my last prayers but as I opened the letter in the envelope, I see the letter heading is not even a St louis letter heading.. Okay progress.. I started reading and my fears were laid to rest it was a calming sensation like water cooling fire.

Then I had a 20 seconds flashback


I remembered.

Another opportunity had reared its head after I missed the first commonwealth essay and the Peak essay in Jss1 this time I was going to invest my time in writing this.

It wasn’t really a popular essay competition but oh well, I was still going to go all in for it. It won’t hurt to try, my thoughts.


So I got home put my ideas down passed it on to my editor, my boyfriend then, yes my daddy. (He’s the reason I write)

And boy did he edit the article… He edited the life out of the article. I was so excited. I rewrote the essay in the library and submitted it to my English teacher. She read through and submitted it.

Chapter closed and I  totally forgot about it and started focusing on how to ace my Integrated science and Maths.

And now weeks on this essay had won a prize, first prize in the junior category.

I was super excited.

Back to reality

tenor (4)

Sister Catherine had her 32 all out smiling ear to ear. She loves victory. I almost leaped for joy and cried at the same time, to be honest.

She says CONGRATULATIONS and the others also congratulated me.

I smiled out of the office


No, I didn’t eye Mr. Collins(the urge was there). Apparently, he knew about it too and wanted to just scare me.(I ROLL MY EYES RIGHT NOW).

I couldn’t wait to get home and tell my parents. I think my mum was the most excited.


The travel arrangements started and I  was to go with my dad. I also had to do like a brush up in case they wanted to ask any questions during the award presentation. I did all this with sister Roseline(My English teacher).

I went into the convent because there was a short break during that period so I went to the convent like twice to get brushed up on the topic I wrote on “The role of Women In Nation Building”. And the two times I went the stewards cooked really nice meals. That meal was enough to make you consider the convent life(I don’t like food). The first day was dodo second time was chips and eggs. And yes I ate without shame, fear or ignominy. I ate it with my chest. Must have been the best chips I’ve tasted.


The day to travel drew closer I was to go with senior Ginika

My travel experience? The Award presentation… all of that is a story for another day.


I was so glad my story changed fromtenor (3) to tenor (5)



Born on Jan 8th 199 something Young and vibrant Prophylactician I love Jesus

2 thoughts on “MY BAOBAB STORY

  1. I could almost feel your fears through your words.
    Nobody likes a call to the principals office.
    Thank God yours was for good.


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