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It is an undisputed fact that your skin is the largest organ in the body and you need to take care of it because it says a lot about your health but what do you do when you have a super sensitive skin and it keeps creating a wrong impression of you, people think you are not taking care of your skin because any little issue you have a breakout and your skin looks dull at times too?
Well, story of my life. I have a really sensitive skin that literally reacts anything to, so I always have a problem choosing a skincare brand to use and I went on a journey of discovering the best brands for me so I have decided to carefully try out different brands. 
I have tried a few that were not really very effective, they were not giving me what I wanted. So I decided to try out Lamy’s skincare products. This came highly recommended by a friend who had used this product but I kept asking, “I hope it won’t bleach my skin oo” because I’m not trying to be yellow pawpaw, I’m fair enough. She assured me it won’t as long as i bought the one specifically for my skin tone. Unlike a lot of other fair people, I’m looking for something to tan my skin and make me darker. But then Ive heard that it is not so possible to get a brand that does that so i decided to settle for one that would not make me fairer but make me look radiant or glow as you all say.
Sometime in June, I decided to go ahead and get the products and because as I stated earlier, I was not trying to get fairerI bought the chocolatey basic kit which is generally for a dark skinned person in this set there were 4 items: 
Gold exfoliation Scrub
Facial Toner
Chocolatey Glow Body Milk
Caramel Glow Black Soap

Screenshot_20181102-161529 (1)
Yes pretty basic but does amazing work.
So here is the review.

    placed my order for the products and it was a hitch free process, the response was swift and their customer service representative was very polite. She gave me the quotation for my order and also gave me a bank account to pay into.


    It was a hitch free payment too, I was notified immediately the payment was received and my order was supposed to be shipped out immediately but there was a delay because of the salah holiday. And the delay extended like 2 days after the salah holiday. I friend got it for me in Lagos and sent it to Kano via the a plane.


    It was very secure when. I mean very secure I mean it had so many wraps and wraps and wraps and this stopped the toner and lotion from spilling. 


    The soap was actually bigger than I expected. It was really big and I was impressedand it did smell like a regular black soap with an extra, the body scrub didn’t have a distinct smell and it had a comparatively good size and the toner was just the size i expected and it had a really pleasant smell too nice I tell you. But the product that blew my mind is the Chocolatey Glow Body Milk It was like ice cream. Looked like ice cream and the smell was even better. 


  • USE:
    Gold exfoliation Scrub: I used it twice a week.Screenshot_20181102-162801 (1)
    Facial Toner: Every night before I sleep and in the mornings (later changed once every two days I’d tell you the reason soon).Screenshot_20181102-162554 (1)
    Chocolatey Glow Body Milk: I used this everyday, smells like icecream, the feel on the feel on the body is also like ice cream. I used at night sometimes when it’s cold but other hot Kano nights I’d pass.
    Screenshot_20181102-162543 (1)Caramel Glow Black Soap: I used this in the Morning and evening. I wash my face and body with this.Screenshot_20181102-162747 (1)
    I’m not even lying about this, people started noticing the difference 4-5 days later, the first person that commented on skin asked if I changed my powder when i was not even using a powder that day, the second person asked if i changed my body products and my sister finally crowned it up like 3 weeks later when she said my skin was smooth and my face was getting fair. I linked it with the toner so I eased up on the toner and started using it once every 2 to 3 days and I totally loved the result. My skin was nice, clean and rich. I had a rich complexion looking like a millionaire with no worries. You know that kind that people see you and automatically assume you have a lot of money.. Yes that one and then my spots faded too.
    Gold exfoliation Scrub: This lasted almost 3 months. It just finished the early parts of last month.
    Facial Toner: I still have the facial toner till date. This is basically because i use it sparingly.
    Chocolatey Glow Body Milk: This lasted about 6 weeks and my sister used out of it so hastened the finishing of the product. 
    Caramel Glow Black Soap: My sister used this with me too but it lasted a little longer than 8 weeks before it got finished.


    I would rate this product 8.5 and that is just because it didn’t get to me early. 

    enjoyed every moment of using this product. It was a wonderful experience and would i ask you to buy this product?


Of course. It would actually make you achieve your skin goals. I haven’t bought another set of product after the last one finished but I am planning on ordering soon and I would combine the next order of this product with a very healthy diet and lots of waterI’d love to see the effect this would have on my skin. And I would totally advice you to try them out. They are “the glow plug.
The handle is @lamy_skincare on instagram.

Just slide in their d.m and start your journey to a wonderful skin we could even do the #HealthySkinChallenge: Take lots water, a diet which I would post here soon and use this skincare product then we would see how it works on our skin.
I’m hoping someone is interested!

Let me know if you are down with this in the comment section!
P.S: Men are not excluded. 
Have a lovely day.