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Life Hacks: Be Like the Bird

The sky is large enough for all birds to fly.

A bird is an animal and generally animals are said to have lower IQs than humans but you don’t see a bird trying to bring down another bird just because it wants to fly. Instead, you see them flying TOGETHER like this.


So there really is no need trying to tear another person down because you want to get up.

An employee is cooking up stories because she wants to get on the good side of the boss.

You see a business woman in one trade rubbishing and bad mouthing another business woman in the same trade because she wants to convert her customers.

I posted a link to a blogger on my WhatsApp status, and someone is saying to me. You’re a budding blogger, and you are posting the post of another blogger that is already established don’t you think this would make people move their attention from you to her. And 2 things I said. My ardent followers would always be my followers and would always read my posts and if they’re porting then it means I need to up my game and create better content.

Every seeming competition you have should be seen as a motivation to do better and not as an enemy you need to fight. Because on the long run you spend so much time and energy trying to bring the person down that your own work and progress is neglected.

Someone made this point; If others are trying to floor you and so you have to do the same to show you’re not stupid. But what I’d say is an eye for an eye makes the whole city blind. You can never go wrong with kindness. Let them try and let your work speak for you.

Live and let live. The more united we are, the better we work and the more we bring to the table.


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Focus: Nigerian Music

If you love quality music with rich lyrics, if you enjoy love songs and you have not already heard about this unique voice, then this post is for you. 
It was the night of a working day in 2016 during my 3 months internship but there was an ongoing strike in the city of Ibadan. I lay on my bed unable to sleep because of the massive infestation of mosquitoes in Mariam Hostel, U.I Road Ibadan, Nigeria. What else can a currently jobless girl do but to surf the net? I searched for new songs, and I have a particular taste in music so I was very intentional with my search and viola I saw this song I tried to click for download but it led me to a YouTube video. Welcome with a beautiful girl wearing an African print and rich yellow background and the sound “oooh, ooh lelele. I could not but watch the video of “double double” more than once. I almost danced off my bed actually, and I searched for other songs. The next song I downloaded was  “love me jeje”. You still don’t know who I’m speaking about. Hold on. You would in a bit. 
So my desire for this unique sound pushed me to download the music that changed a lot of things about my view of Nigerian music as being cliché. The song was “Gentleman. I had this song on “repeat, repeat. I naturally get tired of songs after about 2 months but this is the second year and this song is still on “repeatrepeat” on my phone, laptop and tab. 
YesI’m talking about none other than…

Yes, he is so fine.
And I just wanted to find out more about this wonderful artist. It was a crush, and it is still a crush.
Eric Ahiauzu popularly known as Ric Hassani is an African-Pop singer and songwriter. I was genuinely impressed and happy to find out he was born on 6th January 1989, considering the fact that I was born on January 8th too (yay Capricorns we are) and what’s more? He is also the last child of his family. I mean come on. That’s too much coincidence.

The Capricorn man who was born in the big city of Port Harcourt, Rivers State started singing at a very early age of seven as he sang in the classical church choir. However as surprising as this might seem to a lot of people who have heard Ric’s voice,  He started off his musical career with Rap.
Ric, who is a graduate of Covenant University proceeded to further his studies in England with a Masters in Energy Economics.


ric (1).jpg
His actual musical career started in 2013 with the first attempts at playing piano and singing. He was inspired to pick the nickname Hassani from TV series Fresh Prince and Ric was definitely from his name Eric. The singer says his music is influenced by musicians like Sam Smith, Craig David, Chris Brown and his favorite band is Boyz II Men and Ric has his own record label Riverland Records. 
Ric Hassani is known for his single “Gentleman and his debut album “The African Gentleman“. The album turned out to be very successful. 
Ric Hassani’s voice is not the only thing that distinguishes him but his fashion sense and style deserves an A++. 
His use of rich African prints with a blend of contemporary outfits makes him stand out from every other artist as he looks like a top model with a 6 figure pay check. This was evident in the video for the song “Gentleman” where he was dressed as a stylish African gentleman in western-style clothing with national African prints.

Ric, who says that his fashion style was inspired by Triple MG co-founder, Ubi Franklin is reportedly working on his own clothing brand which would definitely be a hit considering the fact that the founder is a real trend setter. 
He was nominated for Best Alternative Song and Best Vocal Performance in the 2016 Headies: both for his 2015 single, ‘Gentleman. (I have ear for good music, I know.)

Ric Hassani was also nominated for three AFRIMMA Awards in the following categories: Best R&B/Soul Artist, Video of the Year, and Most Promising Artiste.
Ric Hassani song reaches the soul and is laden with quality lyrics. Someone described his song as “Having a repeating beat and minimal baseline, adorned with masterful acoustics. He pours his heart out through his lyrics with the theme of his songs being love. He is considered one of the most eligible bachelors in Nigeria and has done well to avoid any form of scandals. (Ladies……..)

God bless the night and those mosquitoes that propelled me to discover this Talent. 2 years on and I have zero regrets.
What more is there to say but to tell you but to drop the titles of the top five Ric Hassani songs you should download. (N.B This list is my top 5. I found it hard choosing but i just had to)
And here they are:
5. SING.
And definitely;


You don’t have any of his songs?  What are you  waiting for, you can download them here.

Ric Hassani’s Songs


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Diaries of a Keke passenger


It was a Beautiful Tuesday. I woke up by 7am, thought of a way to get up, dragged my lazy self up, prayed, brushed my teeth and had my bathe. I already wished the week should end. But then It was still Tuesday, a work day.

It was about 8:10am now so I went outside to get my Keke( tricycle).

I‘m standing by the road trying to flag kekes down but none was going my way. Time was ticking fast, and I really wanted to get to work before 8:40.

So I kept stopping them.

And I kept getting nos.

One finally stops, and my mind whispered to me “Ah the chosen one.

So I told him where I was going and he said 120. My pupils fully dilated I was shocked. I asked if he knows the place and he said yeah… 120 and I thought ok wow.

P.s. Other kekes take 150-200.

And I thought again. Heaven sent.

So I hopped on and we started our rather interesting journey.

We take the round about and took the second exit. We were still on track. Then the cute fair Hausa lady stops him and says.. A.a Rano. Which is just 6 minutes away but this wonderful Keke man looks back and asks me “Hanyan mu ne?” ( Is she going our way) I‘m like it’s just down there. That was when I got uneasy…

So I asked him again, do you know independence road. He says Haba Na Sani mana”(come on, I know the road). So I sat back. The beautiful lady alights and we went on then after about 200 meters l, we pick 2 other persons.

I was on a phone call when he picked these people so I didn’t know where they were going.

We got to another round about, and he was supposed to take the second exit but he’s going straight. In my mind I‘m thinking gbomogbomo leleyi oo(this one is a kidnapper oo.) so I tapped his shoulder and asked where he was going he now smiled and said he was going my way, o didn’t even talk I just pointed left, as that was the direction I was headed. Then he says ooh he didn’t know he thought all of us were going straight. One of the other guys looked at him and said he was just waiting for him to waste his fuel down the road. Then he‘d ask him to turn back and take the right turn.

Apparently we were all going different ways but this guy who didn’t know the road kept going straight. He now wanted to start arguing I just gave him 100 naira and walked away but the other guy. He came down and just went. No money, nothing. The keke man wanted to shout and cause a scene but then again the guy in the last guy in keke said he was going to also leave without giving him money.

I just crossed over and stopped another Keke.

That’s how my miracle Keke was going to give me a very miraculous head ache.