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Forever………….. a word i had come to hate in all entierty, a word that reminds me of the pain, a word that doesnt exist to me anymore, a word that gave me hope in one day and dashed it the next, a word hunting me right now. My brains were not thinking straight and i had not and would not come to terms with this dark past.I erased the thoughts johnsons cry jerked me back to reality. No he was not crying he was wailing. A bad habit i so desperately wanted to stop. This day had been particulaly hot and with the one door and window,it was not hard to imagine why. power holding company had just taken the light. and i knew this was one of the many nights i had to fan johnson till it was morning. it was just immposible not to love this boy and do everything i could for him afterall, i brought him to this world and more so he looks exactly like his father, the dark hair, golden brown eyes, a very rare colour i must add, pointed nose that he got from me and the heart shaped lip too but everyother thing oohh just like his dad. He kicked his legs endlessley in the air asking for air the best way he could. He kept on crying and i came to the rescue….. deep into the night. no sleep today
A 16 year old knew little about a relationship with the opposite sex and knew nothing about Love at least that is what the parents say but i think i was different. I didnt care about love or relationships, i cared more about the relationship with my education and love for my books. People felt it was pretty strange for an attractive full grown girl who obviously didnt look her age to be single I was not born with a silver spoon and my parents made me realise that education was the only legacy i had and immediately after high school i had gotten a scholarship to study accounting. Everyone was proud of me and almost all my kindred followed me to the school the day i was to resume crazy but true. First class student a serious efiko
“would you ever just relax and get a boyfriend” martha had asked lot of times
“no” had always been my answer.
It’s four years on and i know now that my thoughts then were merely youthful. Here i was with a little baby. It’s saturday morning now he had decide to sleep giving up after endlessly crying and realising he had no other option than to succumb to sleep. I also caught some hours of sleep but thoes hours definately did nothing to me my eyes were still very swollen and i was really tired. My mind went back 3 years back i was just back home from my first year and i was basked in the euphoria chatting endlessley about school my siblings gave their full attention even those that had been through the system before.
“Things have really changed ooo” brother james said
“yes ooo, new buildings and new rules” i retorted
“Do you know your headmaster” little naomi asked.
I laughed and repiled “no, he’s called the vice chancellor and yes i know him but not personally”
My father looked at us and laughed as the questions rolled in endlessley
The conversation continued for over four hours until it was time to prepare dinner
“Martha, Martha oooooooo, come and go and buy maggi for me from mama emeka”
I laughed as i said “Mummy it’s not come and go and buy. It is go and buy”
“Ehen…… school people sha go and buy it for me”
I collected the money and as i walked out, my life was about to change forever
I dreaded mama emekas shop because she is a really loud person and a big chatterbox
I got to her shop and as i said hi to her she welcomed me with a smile
“haaaaaah my daughter you don come, when you come, how school.. ah you come join us for this our bokoharam state, i hear say na scholarship you get abeg how you do am make my son emeka take do the same thing,heh you don fine o wetin you dey chop “……..

To be continued