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I threw the pan at him. It hit him right on his head. ” What is your problem?!” He asked “Cheat, Of all the girls in the world, ifeoma! Ifeoma!!?” I retorted. My eyes already filled with tears “What happened to ifeoma?” “Why, george why?!” By this time I was already depressed, crying uncontrollably. “Alright! Yes…. Since you know about ifeoma you must also know that. I killed your parents. I poisoned your mum and sent the assassins to you dad. I strangled your brother” My eyes were twitching now the tears where almost dried all that filled my heart was hurt, surprise,pain, confusion. I can’t define the feeling. I was not sure of what she had said. I had to ask and he repeated “Yes, I wiped out your entire family, and you, you’re about to die too. Then all the money will be mine” took the knife and then he moved towards me. He said he was going to kill me and claim I tried to kill him and ended up stabbing myself after I thought he was dead. I remembered. The water was on fire I ran towards the pot and poured the boiling water on him. He cried as he dropped the knife. I picked it up and stabbed him thrice in the chest. He laid there bleeding. It was still a surprise to me. The house maid tried to tell me after mums death but I didn’t listen and when she left I thought. Good radiance to bad rubbish. But it all made sense now. This was it I had just killed the man I loved. I’ve loved for over 6 years. Turns out I never knew him! Now he has stopped breathing and laid there on the kitchen floor. Lifeless