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HEALTH POST: Precordial catch syndrome(PCS)

Hello everyone

happy new yearI hope your year has been great so far?

I’m trying my best to be more available here and So help me God.

So, Some of my readers don’t know that I studied public health. Yes I did. And those who know have asked why I have never posted anything health related but to actually make a post on health you need to have extensively researched that topic and I really have not had so much time to do my research.  But this year I have decided that I would invest more time to research in my field. This has also informed my decision to have a health post on here once every month. It may be a usual health problem or a not so common health challenge too.



And Good health is a gift to us. 

In the process of brainstorming about what health issue I wanted to write about my mind went to something I have been experiencing for a while.

So let me ask this question.

Do you ever get a sharp pain under your left breast almost like the pain is right there in your heart, limits your movement kind of but then in a short time it all goes away?

It happens to me and it was a source of concern. I thought it was some sort of heart condition and I was freaking out when it occurred regularly, I would pray about it, sometimes I would think a lot and I nearly visited Tristate heart center when I was in school but the fear of finding out that it may be a heart condition scared me and I just stayed away and kept hoping.

Thank God for the internet. Recently, I decided to find out what exactly was wrong with me and upon further research I found that what I had is called Precordial catch syndrome(PCS)

What is Precordial catch syndrome(PCS)?

Precordial catch syndrome also known as Texidor’s twitch is a sharp stabbing pain that suddenly occurs in front of the heart (hence the name precordial). It is a common cause of chest pain in older children and young adults.

This pain is usually very excruciating but it goes away on its own.

Most times when I have this episodes I feel so much pain that I cannot move I just lie on a bed or rest my back against a chair and wait till it passes.

This syndrome was first described by Miller and Texidor in 1955 after seeing it in 10 people, including Miller himself. Further research in 1978 by Sparrow and Bird found that 45 healthy people had also experienced this pain.

When does it Occur?

Precordial catch syndrome has been discovered to occur when a person is at rest,especially if they are in a slouched position or if they are bending over.

The pain is often localized in a very specific part of the chest that is below the left nipple. pericordial catch

It only lasts for a short time between 30 second to 3 minutes and can happen one or more times in a day.

Precordial catch syndrome can be made worse by deep breathing. I can really attest to this because I know I always tried to breathe in and out so hard  and fast to loosen the imaginary knot i thought was there so I could feel better but it always got worse.

The severity of the pain varies between individuals. Some people experience a dull, annoying pain. Other people experience such intense pain that it can cause momentary vision loss or blurriness. The pain, which tends to cover an area no bigger than one or two fingertips, completely goes away suddenly.

What are the complications?

Because of the pain, people with PCS tend to take shallow breaths, which can lead to lightheadedness.

The nature of the pain can sometimes lead to anxiety, as people may think that it is a sign of a more serious cardiac condition,such as a heart attack(ask me, I was so worried at a time) . This can be made worse by unnecessary, extensive tests or referrals to cardiac specialists. You see I really wasn’t ready for these tests and scary machines that was why I didn’t venture going to the heart center in my school.

What are the Causes?

No exact cause has been discovered but a lot of people have proposed that the cause of this condition could be nerves of the inner lining of the chest wall getting pinched or irritated. The reason for this pinch or irritation is however not known.

Bad posture, such as slouching has also been suspected to be a cause of this syndrome, Other proposed causes include a growth spurt, or an injury, such as a blow to the chest.

Who is at risk?

Precordial catch syndrome is majorly noticed in teenagers and young adults, but children as young as 6 years old can also experience it.

In rare cases, adults can also experience precordial catch syndrome.

How can I get it Treated?

This condition is expected to stop once a person is in their 20s and treatment is not usually required, but anti-inflammatory medicine or a nonprescription pain reliever, such as ibuprofen (Motrin) may help reduce the pain. However, in some cases, a deep breath or two may get rid of the pain, though those breaths may hurt for a moment.

Relaxing and taking slow breaths might help, as may changing posture from slouching or being bent over to sitting upright.

How can It be Prevented?

As earlier stated PCS is sometimes caused by a growth spurt, which is not preventable.

Other causes, such as injury to the chest,Bad posture, including slouching CAN BE PREVENTED. So standing and/or sitting straight may help prevent future episodes.

That is it folks!

When ever you experience this don’t panic. You’re not dying just relax yourself and wait for the episode to pass.

However if the pain gets more intense and lasts more than 3 minutes please visit a doctor to get you checked.

I hope you’ve learned.

If you have any questions, comments or concerns please do not hesitate to drop this on the comment section.


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Hebrews: 11. 6. But without faith it is impossible to please him: for he that cometh to God must believe that he is, and that he is a rewarder of them that diligently seek him.

1st person

Front row seat,

Best dressed,

Worship leader,

Speaker of many tongues,

Fellowship superintendent,

Unwavering tither,

Lots more.


All null and void if you lack the basic ingredient

It is the salt that gives taste

The sun that gives light

The map that shows the path

The green light that says go

The joy that wipes away sorrow

Your comfort In time of trouble.


A mustard seed size can move mountains

Imagine what a mountain size would do!!!!!!!!

Shake the world I presume

And without it you can’t please him

It grows when you nurse it

Never dies when you feed it

Like a child it matures

Germinating like a seed

Like a fruit it ripens

You never go wrong when you have it.

You feel so strong when you possess it.


It gives you confidence





Oh how you need it.

Just open up your heart and accept it.



Plant It,

Grow It,

Uproot the weed

Nuture it,

You’d be glad you did.


All you do is nothing without FAITH

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I had this post up on my Instagram sometime ago and upon request👇, I decided to bring it here.


Sometimes it shocks me when I see how easily some people get angry.How easily they let their emotions drive their lives. How easily they let other people or situations get a to them.

Everything makes them tick. It’s not bad to show how you feel but do not be overwhelmed with anger.

A lot has been born out of Anger; injury,broken relationships, marriages, murder and even suicide. All these because you allow Anger.

I’ve seen a lot of people around me react at the peak of anger and make really wrong decisions that hurts them and those that love them.

You see,
A lot of people ask if the part of my brain that controls anger is missing ’cause I never let it happen.
Over the years I can count the number of times I’ve gotten angry and what’s more?

I never react to this feeling of rage because I’ve learnt never to react when this emotion tries to take over and this makes it hard for it to even go beyond the minute.
Its not a super power.
Its a self conscious, intentional effort.
You need to propose in your heart to stop letting anger drive u.
I’m not saying don’t react when you’re pushed…
But don’t let it overcome your sense of reasoning
My Mummy says when you’re angry count 1-100, before you’re done you’d find out it’d have subsided and then logical reasoning would take over.
Walk away if you have to.
Sleep if you have to.
But never let anger have its way.

The bible corroborates this
Proverbs: 16. 32. He that is slow to anger is better than the mighty; and he that ruleth his spirit than he that taketh a city

Let’s live an Anger free Life. Try and remain in control all the way.

Merry Christmas and a happy new year in advance.


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It is an undisputed fact that your skin is the largest organ in the body and you need to take care of it because it says a lot about your health but what do you do when you have a super sensitive skin and it keeps creating a wrong impression of you, people think you are not taking care of your skin because any little issue you have a breakout and your skin looks dull at times too?
Well, story of my life. I have a really sensitive skin that literally reacts anything to, so I always have a problem choosing a skincare brand to use and I went on a journey of discovering the best brands for me so I have decided to carefully try out different brands. 
I have tried a few that were not really very effective, they were not giving me what I wanted. So I decided to try out Lamy’s skincare products. This came highly recommended by a friend who had used this product but I kept asking, “I hope it won’t bleach my skin oo” because I’m not trying to be yellow pawpaw, I’m fair enough. She assured me it won’t as long as i bought the one specifically for my skin tone. Unlike a lot of other fair people, I’m looking for something to tan my skin and make me darker. But then Ive heard that it is not so possible to get a brand that does that so i decided to settle for one that would not make me fairer but make me look radiant or glow as you all say.
Sometime in June, I decided to go ahead and get the products and because as I stated earlier, I was not trying to get fairerI bought the chocolatey basic kit which is generally for a dark skinned person in this set there were 4 items: 
Gold exfoliation Scrub
Facial Toner
Chocolatey Glow Body Milk
Caramel Glow Black Soap

Screenshot_20181102-161529 (1)
Yes pretty basic but does amazing work.
So here is the review.

    placed my order for the products and it was a hitch free process, the response was swift and their customer service representative was very polite. She gave me the quotation for my order and also gave me a bank account to pay into.


    It was a hitch free payment too, I was notified immediately the payment was received and my order was supposed to be shipped out immediately but there was a delay because of the salah holiday. And the delay extended like 2 days after the salah holiday. I friend got it for me in Lagos and sent it to Kano via the a plane.


    It was very secure when. I mean very secure I mean it had so many wraps and wraps and wraps and this stopped the toner and lotion from spilling. 


    The soap was actually bigger than I expected. It was really big and I was impressedand it did smell like a regular black soap with an extra, the body scrub didn’t have a distinct smell and it had a comparatively good size and the toner was just the size i expected and it had a really pleasant smell too nice I tell you. But the product that blew my mind is the Chocolatey Glow Body Milk It was like ice cream. Looked like ice cream and the smell was even better. 


  • USE:
    Gold exfoliation Scrub: I used it twice a week.Screenshot_20181102-162801 (1)
    Facial Toner: Every night before I sleep and in the mornings (later changed once every two days I’d tell you the reason soon).Screenshot_20181102-162554 (1)
    Chocolatey Glow Body Milk: I used this everyday, smells like icecream, the feel on the feel on the body is also like ice cream. I used at night sometimes when it’s cold but other hot Kano nights I’d pass.
    Screenshot_20181102-162543 (1)Caramel Glow Black Soap: I used this in the Morning and evening. I wash my face and body with this.Screenshot_20181102-162747 (1)
    I’m not even lying about this, people started noticing the difference 4-5 days later, the first person that commented on skin asked if I changed my powder when i was not even using a powder that day, the second person asked if i changed my body products and my sister finally crowned it up like 3 weeks later when she said my skin was smooth and my face was getting fair. I linked it with the toner so I eased up on the toner and started using it once every 2 to 3 days and I totally loved the result. My skin was nice, clean and rich. I had a rich complexion looking like a millionaire with no worries. You know that kind that people see you and automatically assume you have a lot of money.. Yes that one and then my spots faded too.
    Gold exfoliation Scrub: This lasted almost 3 months. It just finished the early parts of last month.
    Facial Toner: I still have the facial toner till date. This is basically because i use it sparingly.
    Chocolatey Glow Body Milk: This lasted about 6 weeks and my sister used out of it so hastened the finishing of the product. 
    Caramel Glow Black Soap: My sister used this with me too but it lasted a little longer than 8 weeks before it got finished.


    I would rate this product 8.5 and that is just because it didn’t get to me early. 

    enjoyed every moment of using this product. It was a wonderful experience and would i ask you to buy this product?


Of course. It would actually make you achieve your skin goals. I haven’t bought another set of product after the last one finished but I am planning on ordering soon and I would combine the next order of this product with a very healthy diet and lots of waterI’d love to see the effect this would have on my skin. And I would totally advice you to try them out. They are “the glow plug.
The handle is @lamy_skincare on instagram.

Just slide in their d.m and start your journey to a wonderful skin we could even do the #HealthySkinChallenge: Take lots water, a diet which I would post here soon and use this skincare product then we would see how it works on our skin.
I’m hoping someone is interested!

Let me know if you are down with this in the comment section!
P.S: Men are not excluded. 
Have a lovely day. 


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Hello guys,


I’m back again.

This week, I am going to do something for all my PCM’s(Prospective Corp Members).

I want to give you guys these tips to help you survive the 3 weeks.

So ladies and gentlemen are you National-Youth-Service-Corps-NYSC-Corpers

You’d hear this Good to go alot and it’d get totally annoying but then they’d make you reply by saying “good to go good to go sir”

eye roll

So let me start by telling you this, The mere thought of going to camp is very scary at least for me it was

I didn’t know what to expect, I had heard a lot of gory stories especially about waking up by 3am and the fact that I love sleep just made it more terrifying.

I would talk about my camp experience some other time but today in this short article I would be giving you some tips from my experience and what I saw in camp that might help you all,

I know some of you have seen the checklist around and you’ve gotten most of the things


Now here are my tips

  1. Travel light:TRAVEL LIGHT  Please don’t be like me I went to camp with 1 box and 1 ghana must go and my handbag it was tug of war carrying this items to my hostel. mala-pesa Thank God for one small boy that was kind enough to help me with my bags at a price though.
  2. Never forget your waist pouchdownload and put all you valuables in them. I can confidently beat my chest and say all through my stay in camp I never lost one naira neither did I loose my phone. Although the first day in camp I almost lost all the money I had with me because I left my waist bag open but a good Samaritan called my attention to it and saved me from this.
  3. Buy a lot of your white and white WHITEI had over 6 pairs of t-shirts, 6 pairs of shorts, 3 pairs of trainers, 2 pair of the rubber shoes and over 12 pairs of socks before I went to camp and that saved me a lot. I never ran out of the whites. Also make sure you write your state codes on them. I’d also advise that if you avoid washing  your whites yourself especially if for the first week because you’d just notice your things start developing wings. Please give your clothes to the laundry if you can, they’d wash and even iron it for you.
  4. Buy your mosquito nets:Mosquito-nets I didn’t really need this for mosquitoes in Plateau because it was harmattan season I didn’t see a single mosquito but it still helped with the cold. However, most of you might need it now because the mosquitoes are on a rampage right now.
  5. Don’t eat the camp food you don’t think would go well with your system please and please don’t do it. I made sure I avoided eating food that I couldn’t stand. Sometimes I collected food but I threw it out when I found out it was not very edible because trust me you don’t have the luxury of a good toilet like you have in your home so try and avoid anything that would upset your stomach. In my camp, Sunday food and the days my platoon was on duty were my best days because they made pretty good food on Sundays and I could trust the food my platoon made because I was there with them most times.
  6. Take Imodium, Tetracycline and Flagyl. You might need this when your stomach starts singing hallelujah. You might also need some analgesics like panadol and diclofenac.
  7. (Make sure you are not eating as you read this). Take dettol antiseptic(the big size) and wash soap(if you do not react to it, if you do get another antiseptic), lots of tissue, Harpic, Airfreshner and Jik. If I had to do some toilet business (even though our toilet was comparatively new and neat), I went with these items. Let me teach you how to do it. Get 2 buckets of water ready before you do anything pour some dettol into the water, pour the harpic and just wash immediately then flush with half a bucket of water, take enough tissue to cover the water, clean the sit of the water closet with dettol and hypo then spread some tissue around the seat and blast off when you are done, you can flush with the 1.5 bucket of water because you’d be needing a lot of water to flush off all that tissue. The dettol will also be useful for your bathing water.
  8. Eat well, eat very very well . I’m not natural foodie. But you know what they say, “let food be thine medicine.” Food can actually prevent illnesses and eating well can save you from ending up admitted in that their wonderful camp clinic. I actually became fatter in camp. Yeah I know everyone else losses weight. I moved from a hip size 40 to 43 in 3 weeks. I lost all that weight when I came home. THE INCREASE WAS PRETTY OBVIOUS.

    Now this was my meal routine

    1. When I wake up by 3 am and get ready for the morning parade I make a beverage and take it like 4am before the drill
    2. Immediately after drill I go to mami market and I get bread and eggs.
    3. I bought biscuits that I take during lectures to avoid sleeping off
    4. I take rice, spaghetti , moimoi or yam as lunch and I get a fruit to eat with this
    5. I take my afternoon/evening snack (Fura Da Nono)
    6. Then I would take fried yam, plantain, potatoes or masa for dinner
    7. And if you know me you’d know my candy was always handy. Readily available.image-2018-10-22 (3).jpg

Yes, I literally ate all the time to avoid falling sick because my mum warned me sternly to make sure I eat a lot

  1. Be careful with the kind of programs you register for. There are some people who just came to camp to collect your 1000 naira they’d register you and most times not contact you again. There are two I know are legit. They are:
    1. Nigerian Institute of Management Training
    2. Institute of Risk Management.
  2. Have fun but do not lose yourself. The fun of NYSC is in the 3 weeks of camp after that the remaining year would just be there so have fun. However, People have fun and end up regretting it. Don’t be that one. Use your head while having fun.

MOST IMPORTANT POINT: Take enough money, this one is the most important. Money in camp would save you a lot of stress especially with food and your laundry and other essentials so please take enough money.



These are my own tips. Follow most of them and you would really not have a problem. I would have spoken about the soldiers but those at my camp were quite nice and approachable(not as bad as others I’ve heard about) so I can’t really speak ill of them. We hardly had issues with them except for our camp commandant who was a very special case and he was not even that bad. He just liked playing some unnecessary play.

So with I’d say get ready to go..


All senior corp. members and ex-corp members please add to this list if there is something I have left out.

And ooh yes here is the NYSC anthem..

Youths obey the clarion call
Let us lift our nation high
Under the sun or in the rain
With dedication and selflessness
Nigeria is ours, Nigeria we serve.

I wish you all the best as you move on to this next phase. Enjoy yourselves guys.



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Monday was a beautiful day especially because I didn’t go to work so I slept so well and it was also good because Nigeria celebrated her independence. There is so much to criticise and be unhappy about. We seem like a failed Nation with Inefficient Leadership, epileptic power supply, widespread insecurity, faulty healthcare system, high poverty index, crippling effects of corruption.., I could go on and on and take the whole day focusing on this ills but what good would it do?

I had a post that was supposed to go up on Sunday as scheduled but I cancelled and decided I was going to write about Nigeria to mark the Independence. But no I would not criticize or castigate this country . I’ve seen enough of those posts already.In one of the posts it says we are not Independent we are living In-Dependence, because we depend on other countries for literally everything. Well maybe that is true but even with all these complaints there are some things about Nigeria and Nigerians that I am grateful for. Considering the fact that the country clocks 58 today, I decided to compile a list of 5 things about Nigeria I am grateful for and 8 things about Nigerians I am thankful for. I had to come and rewrite this paragraph when I finished this article I never believed I’d get this list compiled but hey things I was grateful for? What are you grateful for?

N.B: These things are not just limited to Nigeria but I’m grateful for them anyway

So here it is:

5 things about Nigeria I am grateful

  1. I’m grateful for the diverse culture and tribes, the languages and mode of dressing. I wish I understood more than just indigenous Nigerian Languages. It’s so lovely to see how different we are yet we are the same.nigerian_ethnic_groups-featured-image
  2. I’m grateful for our National Anthem. nigerian-national-anthem   

I don’t know if I am the only  one that feels that way but when The national anthem  comes on it arouses a lot of emotions, i just end up finding tears dancing in my eyes and this happens every single time.The most recent episode for me was During one of our world cup games I listened to the national anthem and I became overly emotional. I had to run inside my room yesterday to avoid crying for national anthem during the Independence parade.

3. I like food(at times) so I am thankful for all our indigenous Nigerian dishes. Akpu to tuwo to amala and bless me with a little edikankong, efo ririro laced with heavenly tasting stockfish a dash of crayfish and some semi hard pomo..

download (1)

The food from different parts just makes me rejoice in the ingenuity of our country. And you may not consider this important but I’m grateful for how we always win the jollof wars.  I’m grateful for how I’m able to walk down the road and buy Akara(bean cake) scrap that AKARA, Yes Akara infused with the smell of fire wood and smoke, some pepper to taste and you push it down with some “papilicious” OGI.

A really nice Boli and roasted corn.. or should I mention suya…. Let me leave it here…

4.  I’m grateful for the lack of natural disasters, all disasters we have are man made. Imagine battling that and the natural disasters too?tornado1-1024x766

5. I’m grateful for the unexplored natural resources.

natural resources

I remember when I was in primary school I would list the natural resources we had and every state has something special that it can market and that can be a source of revenue only if we tap into it. If we just start exploring these resources, the G-20 might just have to be G-21 to accommodate us..

8 things about Nigerians I am grateful for.

  1. I’m grateful for our past heroes. Those that fought for us to get our independence. If only we could do a tad of what they did we would be one of the world powers. May their labour not go in vain.


2. I’m grateful for our entertainers. They make me proud all day everyday Correct me if I am wrong but they seem to be the best in Africa. And if you think about it critically all Nigerians are literately entertainers . It’s like it’s an inborn trait. We have a wonderful sense of humor.

3. I’m grateful for how resourceful and hardworking we are. Anywhere a Nigerian is around the world they are making and impact and adding to the society. Forget about the internet fraudsters that make us look bad we have one of the best brains in this country.

4. I’m grateful for the wonderful army, the work they are doing in to keep us at peace, we do not appreciate them enough. Yes it’s the job they signed up for but it’s a whole lot of Job.

5. I’m grateful for Super Eagles and every other sport team. But soccer is one sport that unites us and I am so grateful that at least we can agree on this one.FBL-FRIENDLY-ENG-NGR

6. I’m grateful for how we stand together for what is ours especially people who attack our country and what we stand for. The only people allowed to insult Nigeria are Nigerians.

7. I’m grateful for how fashionable we are. All thanks to Nigerian Tailors. Even though they disappoint at times they come through with some bendededeng styles that make waves everywhere.


Yes I just had to use Ebuka


ARIKE (1).jpg

and I have to be African to be black and what better country to be born in Africa than Nigeria? I am grateful that I’m Nigerian.

There is a lot of work to do and we hope it would be done. But as we wait for that  let us be thankful for these seeming “unimportant” things.




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Hello guys, I’m back again and I want to thank you for your patience.

“You went back on your promise” is the accusation I got on Monday morning and yes.

I’m sorry I didn’t reach out earlier but I couldn’t post on Sunday as I had some glitches with my account which has thankfully been resolved.

So I decided to post this today.

Two weeks ago I did a little poll/ mini research(thanks to Instagram and watsapp) and the aim was to get the Top 10 must watch movie series.

I would have given you my own Top 10 list but I have a very “wonderful” taste. I hardly watch movies that everyone seems to be watching, so I decided to ask the “normal” people. So here it is the Top 10 list of movies names that kept recurring and series to look out for and this is in no particular order


POWER: “If you’ve not watched this, you’re very stale”. That is what they told me. Well, it’s safe to say I am stale then. Because I haven’t watched this I did a check on it. I know most people know what power is about so I would just share this summary that was shared with me. Power is the story of James “Ghost” a rich New York City who owns a nightclub. He wants to build an empire, but he is living a double life. He owns the club and is part of the kingpin of the most lucrative drug network in New York for a very high-level clientele. This eventually affects his marriage, family and business as he is tempted to leave his criminal life behind and become the rags-to-riches businessman he wants to be most of all.

power series


GAME OF THRONES: Someone called this the ultimate must watch. Again I have never watched it. I was recently attacked for calling this series overrated. But you know I didn’t actually mean the series itself, I meant the fans of this show do too much. They are always everywhere with the “GOT” tag. And I’m thinking give me a big break please. Well, about 57 out of the 63 people that voted had G.O.T as their number 1 must watch. Maybe I would get the hype when I eventually watch it, I’ve been advised to on several occasions but I would accept this advice this time and put it on my To-Do List for next month.


13 REASONS WHY: At least I’ve watched this one. I think this is quite sad as the movie plot kept making me wake up to a sudden reality that what was portrayed could actually be happening. I’m not here to do review, I’d just ask you to watch this one if you have not. It’s about Clay Jensen returns home from school to find a mysterious box with his name on it lying on his porch. Inside he discovers cassette tapes recorded by Hannah Baker—his classmate and crush—who committed suicide two weeks earlier. On tape, Hannah explains that there are thirteen reasons why she decided to end her life. Clay is one of them.

13 reasons why

STRANGER THINGS: When this name appeared and a lot of people voted this too I thought 2 out of 10 that’s not so bad after all. I mean, I’ve watched this too. But I must confess this is one of the weirdest things I‘ve watched ever ever. Like the demorgodon and all the SCIFI stuff left me crept out at a stage but this is a must watch, I can boldly attest to it. The story starts with 4 kids Mike, Will, Dustin, and Lucas kids playing in an attic and then it was time for 3 of them to go home all 3 got home but Will mysteriously vanishes as he got home he was“kidnapped” by a “strange thing” however no one knows what happened to him and this leads to a frantic search for him by his mother, his brother, his friends and the police chief. In the process of the search secrets are uncovered: of a government lab, portals to another world, and weird monsters. And then a strange little girl comes into the picture, and she claims she’s running away from “bad men.”

stranger things

ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK: Well this one left me guessing, But why i was intrigued by it is that it is actually a true life story that follows a memoir of a real Piper Kerman who went to prison. I liked this show at the beginning but I’m not so sure how I felt about this one too many women touching women put me off a bit, so I stopped watching but beyond that it has a great story line and shows what actually happens in an American female prison. The story revolves around piper Chapman who was sentenced to prison for money laundering. So many things happened in the prison including Piper finding an ally in the head of the kitchen “Red” and rebuilding her relationship with former girlfriend Alex.


BOYS OVER FLOWERS: I watched the last 2 episodes of this so this should also pass as series I’ve watched, I remember calling it boys before flowers a lot of times but no it’s Boys Over Flowers. Korean series can be very nice and I think this one made so many waves and I think it’s a cliche story line for Korean series but it’s still nice. The story follows A Poor girl that attends the elite school and is bullied by the leader of F4 (the four richest boys). He goes on to become attracted to her, but she likes his friend. The End.


BEING MARY JANE: I have not watched it too but I will it is apparently a story of Mary Jane Paul who is successful in every way and still keeps pushing harder to get more. She is a made cable news anchor, has a closest stuffed with designer clothes, a nice car and has a lovely home, Yet she feels something is amiss. Mary Jane wants to start a family of her own to share life’s greatest gifts, she discovers who she really is and the people who help define her.

being mary jane

GREY’S ANATOMY: There was a tie for this one and being Mary Jane. Grey’s anatomy is one series I’ve heard a lot about but I’ve never watched, please don’t judge me and no I don’t live in a cave. I think I’d actually watch this before any other series I haven’t seen because I saw a Scene of Grey’s anatomy recently and I fell in love with it. It’s a medically inclined series and from what I’ve heard, it has a lot of stories about different people facing diverse life challenges. And I bet there is no dull moment hence the success of the show as they on their 15th season.

greys anatomy

NARUTO: I don’t watch animations but more than 23 people recommended this and I decided to read this. So I guess it should be nice. It’s a story of Naruto Uzumaki, an adolescent ninja, struggles as he searches for recognition and dreams of becoming the strongest ninja and leader of the village.


SKINNY GIRL IN TRANSIT: Save the best for last right.. Well, well, well, this is the only Nigerian series that made the list. This series had me falling in love from the onset, I don’t know if it was the funny ever dramatic tiwalade’s mum or the captivating personality of tiwalade or tiwalade’s sister that reminds me of how I love my big sister but would not stop taunting her. Every series had a flavor, from Fabrice the french black man to Mide the wonderful hunk. Oh lawd..This story just follows the typical Nigerian  unmarried lady on the way to being 30 years. I won’t even give you a hint if you haven’t watched it just go and watch it.



So yes guys, that is the list.

What are your thoughts?


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